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Full Stack Skills + Creative Artistry

A Software Engineer with the collaborative and imaginative skill set of a highly-experienced classically-trained actor, I'm driven by innate curiosity, a knack for puzzle-solving, and a passion for teamwork. I have 2+ years of professional full stack experience on an e-commerce marketplace web app with monthly traffic in the tens of millions.

After earning my BFA from The Juilliard School Drama Division, I enjoyed an extensive career as a professional actor. At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, though, I took the huge leap from theatrical scripts to JavaScript. I was one of the < 3% of applicants accepted to App Academy, where I completed an intensive full-stack course that gave my proficiency a rocket boost!

I then landed the first software engineering job I interviewed for, and was promoted from junior to mid-level Engineer after 18 months. Recent downsizing has me back on the job market, and I'm hoping to join a team as skillful, communicative, and supportive as my crew at TeePublic.

Or to put it another way...

I am the very model of a Full Stack Software Engineer.
With JavaScript and Ruby, I'm concocting code that's crystal clear.
In two years at TeePublic, I reduced the tech debt overload,
Updating or eliminating sixteen thousand lines of code.

I led an icon overhaul that rendered 70%
More quickly than the former way. I then went on to implement
A feature for free shipping (from discovery through live QA)
That boosted Xmas income by an excess of $500K.

Our ViewComponent library for Rails I helped to architect,
And mentored cross-team engineers, ensuring usage was correct.
In short, in matters technical, pragmatical, and peer-to-peer
I am the very model of a Full Stack Software Engineer!

I haven't always coded. A career I had upon the stage.
On Broadway, yes, but frequently where no one pays a living wage.
On prime-time television I played roles of no profundity
But had a fun commercial doing Ryan Reynolds puppetry.

The Covid-19 crisis made an actor's life unduly hard
But software engineering wasn't taught to me at Juilliard
I sought instruction tough as that intensive undergrad o' me
And found it in the engineering course at App Academy.

Of applicants accepted I was one of less than three percent
A Ruby, Rails, and JavaScript curriculum I underwent
In short time I transformed to a proficient shipping Shakey-speare!
Forsooth, the very model of a Full Stack Software Engineer.

My Skill Set

  • Languages:

    Ruby| JavaScript| TypeScript

  • Frameworks:

    Ruby on Rails| ViewComponent| Stimulus.js| React.js| Redux.js| Node.js| Express.js| Next.js| jQuery

  • Databases:

    PostgreSQL| SQLite| MongoDB| Redis| Knex.js

  • Tools:

    Git| Webpack| Sidekiq| Temporal

  • Infrastructure:

    Heroku| AWS| Docker

  • Testing:

    RSpec| Jest| Vitest

  • CI/CD:

    GitHub Actions| CircleCI

  • Styling:

    HTML5| Haml| CSS| Sass| Tailwind

  • Project Management:

    Agile| Confluence| Jira

  • Design:

    AdobeCC| Affinity| Canva| Figma

  • Methodologies:

    RESTful APIs| OOP| TDD

To kick off my transition to tech, I spent over a thousand hours in four months immersed in rigorous instruction and pair programming at App Academy, digesting new technologies at a blistering pace. I'm a keen and quick learner, and I relish every opportunity to add to my tool belt.

In the words of one of my cherished colleagues at TeePublic,

"I was amazed by his rapid growth as a skilled engineer during the time we worked together, fueled by his passion for learning and asking thoughtful questions."

My Prior Career

"But soft! What bug doth yon production break?"

"Have I seen you in anything?"

With a BFA from The Juilliard School Drama Division, I have been a member of Actors' Equity Assn. since 1995, and of SAG-AFTRA since 2001. I was awarded the Presidential Scholar in the Arts medal, and have performed on television and in plays, regionally, internationally, and Off- and on Broadway, including the Tony® award-winning revivals of CABARET and Tom Stoppard's THE REAL THING.

Behind the scenes, I directed the first NYC revival of John Logan's NEVER THE SINNER, served as dialect coach for Convergent Theatre Co.'s THE CRIPPLE OF INISHMAAN and MAJOR BARBARA, and worked as a scenic carpenter for several Off-Broadway theaters. I've also narrated audiobooks for Audible and Recorded Books, and done on-camera and voice-over commercials. I'm particularly proud of my Toon Blast ad, where I played the Puppeteer of Ryan Reynolds's fake arms.

As a musician, I played venues from CBGB to Joe's Pub to Jazz at Lincoln Center. Once, a few castmates from CABARET and I sang the US and Canadian national anthems at a Mets game.

I bring my creativity to bear in many other ways, too, whether collaboratively or DIY. Ask me about my space-efficient furniture design and construction, or the time I crafted 12 unique light-up wands for a Harry Potter themed birthday party!

The Company
                  of IF THERE IS I HAVEN'T FOUND IT YET, by Nick Payne, at the Roundabout Theatre Company's Laura Pels Theatre
  • TOON BLAST commercial - "Arms, featuring Ryan Reynolds"

    Deadpool & me, NBD

    Matthew Greer with Ryan Reynolds in commercial for Toon Blast

    In this ad for the app TOON BLAST, by Peak Games, I puppeteer fake arms for Ryan Reynolds so he can keep playing.

    image by Peak Games

  • CABARET on Broadway

    Brooke Shields as Sally Bowles and Matthew Greer as Cliff

    Brooke Shields as Sally Bowles and Matthew Greer as Cliff in CABARET, directed by Sam Mendes

    I starred opposite Brooke Shields, Gina Gershon, Molly Ringwald, and others in the Tony Award® winning Broadway revival directed by Sam Mendes.

    photo by Joan Marcus


    TV News Reporter Andy Spencer

    Matthew Greer as TV News Reporter Andy Spencer in the premiere of FOX's PRODIGAL SON, starring Michael Sheen

    Reporting the arrest of notorious serial killer 'The Surgeon' (Michael Sheen) in the premiere of PRODIGAL SON on FOX

    image by FOX


    Hostage Helipad Technician

    Matthew Greer held hostage in THE ENEMY WITHIN on NBC

    Taken hostage by Tal operative Roger Bowman (Lee Aaron Rosen) in NBC's THE ENEMY WITHIN

    image by Getty Images/NBC


    "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!"

    Matthew Greer as the iconic French Taunter in MONTY PYTHON'S SPAMALOT

    The iconic French Taunter in the First National Tour of MONTY PYTHON'S SPAMALOT, directed by Mike Nichols

    photo by Joan Marcus


    "Gods, put the strength o' the Leonati in me!"

    Matthew Greer as Posthumus Leonatus in Shakespeare's CYMBELINE, directed by Tazewell Thompson

    Posthumus Leonatus in Shakespeare's CYMBELINE at Playmakers Rep, directed by Tazewell Thompson

    photo by Will Owens


    I played Ulysses S. Grant, John Wilkes Booth, William Tecumseh Sherman, and... Mary Seurat???

    Matthew Greer and the cast of Paula Vogel's A CIVIL WAR CHRISTMAS

    The cast of Paula Vogel's A CIVIL WAR CHRISTMAS, directed by Rebecca Taichman at Baltimore Center Stage

    photo by Richard Anderson


    "The game is afoot!"

    Matthew Greer as Sherlock Holmes and Liam Craig as Dr. Watson

    Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (Liam Craig) in BASKERVILLE: A SHERLOCK HOLMES MYSTERY by Ken Ludwig, directed by Peter Amster at Syracuse Stage

    photo by Gil Brady


    Off-Broadway premiere of Ike Holter's theatrical investigation of the 1969 Stonewall Riots

    Nathan Lee Graham and Matthew Greer in HIT THE WALL

    The Cop, about to receive retribution from Carson (Nathan Lee Graham) in the original Off-Broadway production of Ike Holter's HIT THE WALL, directed by Eric Hoff

    photo by Matthew Murphy


    "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."

    Matthew Greer as Oscar Wilde

    Oscar Wilde in Frank Kilroy's THE SECRET FALL OF CONSTANCE WILDE, at the Guthrie Theater. Directed by Marcela Lorca

    photo by Michel Daniel


    2018 S.A.L.T. Award - Best Supporting Actor in a Play

    Matthew Greer as Athos in THE THREE MUSKETEERS

    Athos in THE THREE MUSKETEERS at Syracuse Stage, directed by Bob Hupp

    photo by Michael Davis


    "It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife."

    Matthew Greer as Mr. Darcy in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE

    Mr. Darcy in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE at the Guthrie Theater, directed by Joe Dowling

    photo by Michel Daniel


    "Here, thou incestuous, murderous, damned Dane"

    Santino Fontana as Hamlet and Matthew Greer as Claudius in Shakespeare's HAMLET

    Hamlet (Santino Fontana) sharing a drink with Claudius (Matthew Greer) in Shakespeare's HAMLET at the Guthrie Theater, directed by Joe Dowling

    photo by Michel Daniel


    Original Off-Broadway Cast, with Veanne Cox and Olympia Dukakis

    Veanne Cox, Matthew Greer, and Olympia Dukakis in A MOTHER, A DAUGHTER, AND A GUN

    With Veanne Cox and Olympia Dukakis in A MOTHER, A DAUGHTER, AND A GUN, by Barra Grant, directed by Jonathan Lynn

    photo by Carol Rosegg


    "All for one... One for all... Slightly less for people we don't like... And a little bit more for me."

    Richard Chamberlain and the Knights of the Round Table in MONTY PYTHON'S SPAMALOT

    Sir Lance-a-lot with King Arthur (Richard Chamberlain) and his knights in the First National Tour of MONTY PYTHON'S SPAMALOT, directed by Mike Nichols

    photo by Joan Marcus


    I made my Broadway debut (in a noteworthy costume) shaking hands with Liam Neeson in THE JUDAS KISS.

    Liam Neeson and castmates Tom Hollander, Miranda Kent, and Matthew Greer from The Judas Kiss on Broadway

    Tom Hollander, Liam Neeson, Miranda Kent, and Matthew Greer at a cast party for David Hare's THE JUDAS KISS on Broadway, directed by Sir Richard Eyre.

    photo by Stina Nielsen

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